Terms and Conditions, Rates and Holidays

MuziekCentrum Logblock 2021/2022

Drumschool Logblock and Pianoschool Logblock are part of MuziekCentrum Logblock.
Drum teachers: Jaap Koning (owner), Henning Luther, Uli Genenger, Jasper Oudejans, Axel
Piano teachers: Hein Hoogendoorn, Abel Tuinstra, Bart van der Elst, Max Snel, Daan
Guitar teacher: Theo Holsheimer.
Administration : Lilian Even: admin@logblock.nl
Tel : 0641868200 (Jaap Koning, owner)
0634124384 (Lilian Even, admin)

Article 1 Introductory:

A trial lesson lasts 30 minutes. The Trial lesson will be paid in advance per invoice. If you
decide to start regular lessons after the trial lessons at MuziekCentrum Logblock then You
will be scheduled as soon as possible in consultation with the administration. The student is
then automatically enrolled in Muziekcentrum Logblock. The general conditions apply from
that moment onwards.

Article 2 Contract Agreement :

For participants under the age of 18, parents or responsible educators are liable for
obligations arising from the contract agreement such as payment of the tuition fee. This
registration form must be completed before the start of the first class, checked for the
agreement to be returned.

Article 3 Termination or Modification Lesson Agreement :

Termination or modification of the registration must be made by email to admin@logblock.nl
in writing. The notice period is 4 weeks of classes before the end of the 10 or 20 lessons
contract. A series of 10 or 20 lessons is therefore always completed. Without written
confirmation of termination or modification, the current course form of 10 or 20 lessons is
tacitly renewed. After written confirmation and after the notice period, the pupil is written out
at Muziekcentrum Logblock and the terms and conditions are no longer applicable.

Article 4 Payment :

The pupil, or parent/caregiver of the pupil, is obliged to meet the set tuition fee before the
first lesson of the new period. For payment of the tuition fee, the pupil or parent/caregiver of
the student receives an invoice from Muziekcentrum Logblock.

The course rates are once again determined by Muziekcentrum Logblock at the end of each
course year. The pupil or parent/caregiver of the pupil shall be informed of this in writing in
good time.

Article 5 late payment:

In The backlog of the tuition fee, a payment reminder is sent. For A third payment reminder,
€15,-administration costs are counted. If the tuition fee is still not fulfilled within 10 days after
the date of the third payment reminder, then all claims for lessons will expire from that day.
However, one remains liable for the costs of the lessons that have now been enjoyed. In the
failure to comply with this, Muziekcentrum LogBlock is obliged to enable a collection agency,
for which the costs are fully borne by the participant or parent/caregiver of the pupil.
Article 6 lesson periods and final presentation :
A Lesson period consists of 10 or 20 lessons. Classes are held weekly (under 21 years) or
two weekly (above 21 years). No lessons will take place in the regular holiday periods in the
North region. (see appendix)
Once a year a final presentation takes place.

Article 7 Cancel lesson or change teaching time :

We assume that the participant prioritizes the made lesson appointment. Cancelling the
lesson is for your own account. The teaching time of a pupil is in principle fixed. When the
pupil’s lesson time must be changed due to circumstances, it must be in consultation with the
teacher and can only at the beginning of a new period of 10 or 20 lessons. If it is not possible
to change the lesson time immediately, this does not give the right to cancel the lessons.

Article 8 Absence Teacher:

Muziekcentrum LogBlock will provide a suitable replacement or a catch-up lesson in case of
sickness or absence of a teacher. Should it not be possible to arrange a suitable
replacement in a timely manner or to schedule a catch-up lesson, the lesson will expire and
is for the account of Muziekcentrum LogBlock. Replacement by another lecturer does not
give a right to cancellation or refund Lesson or lessons.

Article 9 Liability:

Muziekcentrum LogBlock is not liable for injury of the pupil incurred during or on the way to
the class.
MuziekCentrum LogBlock is not liable for damage, loss or theft to the participant who has
brought property.
The pupil is deemed to use the equipment and instruments for which they are intended and
treated as if they were owned. Damage to the instruments, equipment and/or the Les studio
resulting from improper use is recovered from the pupil or parent/caregiver of the pupil.

Article 10. Validity of terms and conditions:

The Terms and conditions are binding as long as the pupil is registered at Muziekcentrum
Logblock. See article 3

Rates (Drums, Piano and Guitar)

Private lessons Children: (30 minutes every week)
Trial lesson (30 min) €22,-
10 lesson card €235,-
20 lesson card €445,-
Duo lessons: (30 minutes every week) Always in consultation and only for drums!.
10 lesson card €145,-
20 lesson card €280,-
Adults : (From the age of 21 years old, in principle 45 minutes every two weeks. (In
consultation lessons every week are possible)
Trial Lesson (30 minutes) €26,50
10 lesson card 45 min. €430,-
10 lesson card 30 min €284,-


per person : 10 lessons 90 minuten each lesson : €210,- (only Sundays)
Beatz with Jazper:
per person : 6 lessons 90 minutes each lesson : €315,-
All classes for adults from 21 years of age are charged with a statutory rate of 21% VAT.
Above prices include VAT.

Holidays 2021/2022

Autumn Holiday : Monday 18 oktober t/m Sunday 24 oktober 2021
Christmas Holiday : Monday 25 december 2020 – Sunday 9 januari 2022
Spring Holiday : Monday 21 February- Sunday 27 February 2022
May Holiday: Monday 2 May – Sunday 8 May 2022
Summer Holiday : Monday 18 Juli – Sunday 28 August 2022

Public holidays 2019-2020 :
Good Friday: Friday 15 April 2022
First and Second Easter Day: Sunday 17 and Monday 18 April 2022
Kings Day: Monday 27 April 2022
Ascension Day : Thursday 26 May 2022
Pinkster Days: Sunday 5 June and Monday 6 June 2022
Final Presentations : To be announced.

Privacy Statement:

MC Logblock, located at Kierkegaardstraat 58, 1185AH Amstelveen, is responsible for the
processing of personal data as shown in this privacy statement.
MC Logblock attaches great importance to protecting your Personal data. In This Privacy
Statement we want to give Clear and transparent information about how we handle personal
data. We do everything to ensure your privacy and therefore handle personal data with care.
In all cases, MC Logblock adheres to the applicable laws and regulations, including the
general data protection regulation.

Personal data that we acquire :

MC Logblock processes your personal data because you use our services and/or because
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Front-and Surname, gender, date of birth, address details, telephone number, email address
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For what purpose and on what basis we process personal data :

MC Logblock processes your personal data for the following purposes:
• To be able to call or email you if this is necessary to be able to perform our service
• Informing You about changes to our services and products
• Handling Your payment.
For what period of time we store personal data :
mc Logblock keeps your personal data for no longer than is strictly necessary to realize the
purposes for which your data is collected.
Sharing of personal data with third-party.
MC Logblock will never share your personal data with third parties.