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My method offers a clear learning line and helps you improve your skills and grow as a drummer, from the very beginning up to and including conservatory level.

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Muziekcentrum Logblock.(originated from Drumschool LogBlock) is an extremely cosy, musical centre where young and old can meet their musical talents and where fun in music is paramount!
At Muziekcentrum Logblock., enthusiastic, passionate and graduate teachers work with a lot of stage and teaching experience in a music collective. The lessons are private and tailor-made. Drumles, Pianoles, Djembeles, Saxofoonles, Bandles.
Music lessons in Amstelveen at Muziekcentrum Logblock.

At Muziekcentrum Logblock, we see every pupil as an individual. That is why we mainly give private lessons.
We distinguish ourselves from regular music schools through our individual approach. We mostly don’t teach from existing drum methods in which everything has already been pre-chewed. Of course books are being used as a reference or as a supplement.
Every person is different and learns differently. Everybody is unique.

For example, the one is auditory and the other is visually set. The one likes structure and regularity and the other learns more playfully.
We therefore often make the teaching material on the spot and adapt it to what the pupil needs and is in need of.

We are aware of the importance of music education for children but also for adults.
Music makes happy, stimulates young and older brains to make new connections. So, even emotionally, makes smarter. Music connects and increases the concentration power.
In short, making music is an important part of our culture and incredibly valuable for young and old.
At Muziekcentrum Logblock, we see every pupil as an individual. That is why we mainly give private lessons.
See You soon at Muziekcentrum Logblock.


Trial Lessons (Private)

22,-1 lesson
  • (Half an hour each week)
  • Adult lesson (half an hour) €26,50

Duo Lessons Drums Only in consultation!

145,-10 lessons
  • (Half an hour each week)
  • 20 lessen kaart €280,-

Private Lessons Children

235,-10 lessons
  • (Half an hour each week)
  • 20 lesson card €445,-

Private Lessons Adult

430,-10 lessons
  • (45 minutes every two weeks)
  • 10 lesson card 30 min €284,-
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