General Terms and Conditions of Muziekcentrum LogBlock.

Drums teachers: Jaap Koning (owner), Max Sergeant, Uli Genenger, Jasper Oudejans, Axel Limbeek, Joris van der Sande, Tim de Jong.

Piano teachers: Hein Hoogendoorn, Tez Thompson, Max Snel, Silvia Mancuso, Raoul Verhoeven, Teun van den Maarel.

Guitar teachers: Theo Holsheimer, Ivana Bakker Schut.

Address: Kierkegaardstraat 58 1185AH Amstelveen.
Administration: Jaap Koning (
0641868200 (Jaap Koning, owner)


Article 1 Trial lesson:

An invoice will be sent after booking. A trial lesson always lasts 30 minutes. The trial lesson is paid in advance. Cancellations can be made by telephone or email at least 24 hours in advance. If, after a trial lesson, it is decided to continue lessons at MC LogBlock, regular lessons will be scheduled in consultation with the administration and/or teacher. The student is then automatically registered with MuziekCentrum LogBlock. The general terms and conditions apply from that moment on.

Article 2 Contract Agreement:

For participants under the age of 21, the parents or responsible educators are liable for obligations arising from the lesson agreement, such as payment of the tuition fee. stated in the registration form. This registration form must be completed in full and checked for approval before the start of the first lesson.

Article 3 Termination or Modification Lesson Agreement:

Termination or change of registration must always be communicated in writing (by email) to The notice period is 4 weeks after the first chosen subscription of 10 or 20 lessons. The first series of 10 or 20 lessons is therefore always completed. Without written confirmation of termination or change, the current lesson format of 10 or 20 lessons will be tacitly extended. After written confirmation and after the notice period, the student will be deregistered from MuziekCentrum LogBlock and the general terms and conditions will no longer apply.

Article 4 Payment:

The participant, or parent/guardian of the participant, is obliged to pay the determined tuition fee before the first lesson of the new period. For tuition payments, the participant or parent/guardian of the participant receives an invoice from MC LogBlock via Moneybird. Payment can be made with Ideal. The lesson rate is determined annually by MC LogBlock at the end of each lesson season. The student or parent/guardian of the student will be informed of this in writing in a timely manner.

Article 5 late payment:

A first reminder will be sent after 15 days. If the invoice has not been paid, three more reminders will follow; on day 16, day 24 and day 32. After this last reminder, an invoice with administration costs of €15 will be charged after five days on day 37. If the tuition fee has still not been paid within 10 days after the date of the last payment reminder, all claims for lessons will lapse from that date. However, you remain liable for the costs of the lessons that have already been taken. If this is not met, MC LogBlock is forced to engage a collection agency, for which the costs will be fully borne by the participant or parent/guardian of the student.

Article 6 Subscriptions:

A subscription consists of 10 or 20 lessons of 30 minutes or 45 minutes. The lessons take place weekly (under 21 years) or possibly biweekly (over 21 years). A subscription is tacitly renewed. See also article 3. There are no lessons during the regular holiday periods in the North region (see prices and holidays.

Article 7 Cancel lesson or change teaching time:

We assume that the participant gives priority to the lesson appointment made. Canceling the class is at your own expense. In principle, a student’s lesson time is fixed. If the student’s lesson time needs to be changed due to circumstances, this must be done in consultation with the teacher and this is only possible at the beginning of a new period of 10 or 20 lessons. If it is not possible to immediately change the lesson time, this does not entitle you to cancel the lessons.

Article 8 Absence Teacher:

In the event of a teacher’s illness or absence, MC LogBlock will provide a suitable substitute or plan a catch-up lesson. If it is not possible to arrange a suitable substitute in time or to schedule a catch-up lesson, the lesson will be canceled and will be borne by MC LogBlock. Replacement by another teacher does not entitle you to cancellation or refund of the lesson or lessons.

Article 9 Liability:

MC LogBlock is not liable for any injuries sustained by the student during or en route to class. MC LogBlock is not liable for damage, loss or theft to property brought by the participant. The student is expected to use the equipment and instruments for their intended purpose and to treat them as if they were their own property. Damage to the instruments, equipment and/or the teaching studio resulting from improper use will be recovered from the participant or parent/guardian of the participant.

Article 10. Validity of terms and conditions:

The general terms and conditions are binding as long as the student is registered with MC LogBlock. See also article 3.