Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve been fascinated with music. I would often drum and tap on everything I could find in my house and when there were two drums at the after-school care, I started playing on them every time I was there. I decided to take lessons at a percussion group in Bovenkerk. I learned to play all sorts of percussion instruments, such as the snare drum, bongo’s and the marimba. I also learned to read notes. Even though my ambition had always been to become the drummer in a marching band, I realized throughout these lessons that one snare drum was starting to get boring for me: I wanted to play on a full drum kit.

That’s why I decided to quit the percussion group and take drum lessons at Drumschool Logblock. This is where I met Jaap Koning, who was my teacher. Back then, Drumschool Logblock only just existed and the lessons were still taught in the house of Jaap. This is where I discovered how much fun it is to be creative with music and I got to perform with a real live band for the first time at the yearly drum show. Playing along with music was something I had never done before my lessons at Drumschool Logblock, but this turned out to be best and most fun way for me to learn. Now, approximately 7 years later, I regularly perform with my band ‘Funk It Up!’ and I have the honor to be a drum teacher at the, now much bigger, Muziekcentrum Loglock.

I think that when learning an instrument, it’s very important to have fun, to be able to have your own ideas and to experience what it’s like to play with other musicians. Drumschool Logblock is the perfect place for all these things! Every student has their own unique ideas and gets the freedom to think creatively and express this onto the drum kit. During my lessons, my students will work on reading notes, learning the right technique for different kinds of rhythms and playing along with music. We explore all sorts of musical genres, such as pop, rock, funk, reggae, jazz, etc. The musical exploring, the improvising, but also the focus on technique always results in fun lessons and a great relationship

Hope to see You soon at Muziekcentrum Logblock, the best Music School in Amstelveen and its surroundings.

Greetings Jasper