Music is my passion, guitar is my instrument.

Playing guitar is for everyone, I see it as my job as a guitar teacher to help you develop on guitar. Whether you are a child, adult, beginner or advanced, I make no distinction. My lessons are therefore person-oriented. If you want to learn to strum, play your favorite pop song or heavy rock or write your own song, you can. If you have never played guitar before, we will start with the basics, chords and simple melodies.

I have been teaching guitar with great pleasure for over 20 years and I really enjoy helping you, hundreds of students have already preceded you.

Something about me as a guitarist. Since 1995 I have been active as a full-time professional guitarist. Recording albums, radio, television shows, theater tours and many club tours followed. Some of the highlights include tours through Brazil, Russia and the UK, playing at the North Sea Jazz festival and winning the Heineken Crossover Award audience prize. Following my album Cilice Orchestra (2017) I was nominated by guitar magazine ‘De Gitarist’ as best guitarist in the Benelux.

Hope to see You soon at Muziekcentrum Logblock, the best Music School in Amstelveen and its surroundings.

Greetings Theo