From now on it is also possible to register for the New World Music Percussion group. We are going to make music inspired by music styles from around the world and use Djembés, Toms and snare drums, Cajons, Darbukas, bongos, congas and other percussion instruments. Besides that it is of course very inspiring to work together, to learn new rhythms and play pieces and the fun is paramount, you also learn to play, listen and focus together.

Want to know more about African djembe rhythms?
We are also going to learn to improvise in groups.
The percussion group is for both beginners and advanced. 

The costs and possibilities:

The cost for 10 lessons of one and a half hours amounts 200 Euro.
A group can start if there are at least 4 participants. There can be max 10 people in a group.
The percussion group rehearses on Saturday. Between 10 and 16.00 and will be provided by JAAP.

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