Henning Luther

From an early age I have been busy with music and drumming. I started with classical drumming on the “pots and pans” in the kitchen and then on the “real” drums. From the age of seven I took percussion lessons.

Together with friends in bands and youth orchestras, but also by listening to good music, I became increasingly involved with drumming. As a little boy I was often fascinated by the drummers during concert visits. I thought it was great how they managed to give a whole band and their audience a “drive” with their beat. Or how they use their sound-color palettes to give the songs a surprising change.

These kind of feelings never left me. To my school days I first studied drums in Weimar (Germany) and later in Amsterdam (Conservatorium van Amsterdam). I have been working as a professional musician at home and abroad for about 20 years now. During teaching times I think it is important, together with the students, to discover, preserve and further develop the pleasure of making music. That of course also includes good tips and trucks, which help you to find your own way and taste behind the drum set and to put you as well as possible technically on good feet.

Each student automatically takes their own character and ideas with them to the lesson. In my eyes it doesn’t matter if you are young or old, beginner or advanced, like heavy metal or classical. This makes teaching fun! Everyone is different, but playing drums and making music together is one of the most direct ways to express yourself without words. Making music is a universal language! I’m looking forward to your drum story!

Keep on swinging!

Hope to see You soon at Music School LogBlock, the best Music School in Amstelveen and its surroundings.