Daan Hutting

Hey! My name is Daan Hutting and I am a keyboardist, producer and songwriter and I give,
with great pleasure, piano lessons at Muziekcentrum Logblock. I recently graduated from
the Conservatorium van Amsterdam pop department and I am also very active in bands
(also as a singer, guitarist, bassist and drummer) and as a producer in various genres.
I have been giving piano lessons for about 9 years now, mostly specializing in light music (pop/
jazz/rock/indie/funk/soul) although I started playing classical piano at the age of 5,
fascinated by the piano that was in our living room. This has one for me
laid a good foundation for my musical career.
As a teacher, I am mainly concerned with what the student wants to achieve and what the outcome is
student can be reached. Do you want to learn that one new song from Billie Eilish or Suzan & Freek,
or a more advanced piece by Stevie Wonder; I can always help you further. It
The great thing about music is that you can learn and perform it at all levels. My job is then
also to find the right level with the right student, so that there is progress at the same time
can be made if there is fun during the lessons.
In addition, I think it is important that my students not only play the piano, but also the
understand music and build a knowledge of the music theory behind the pieces.
This has helped me a lot to quickly make big steps as a musician.
You can also contact me if you write and perhaps even produce songs that you like
want to take it to a higher level. I can give you all kinds of tips to get the best out of your own
compositions through my experience as a songwriter/producer.
I hope to see you soon at Muziekcentrum Logblock, where I’d love to show you what
for beautiful music making has to offer!