I was born in 2000 and I’m drumming since I was six years old.
All over these years my regular drum teachers were:
The famous Oscar Kraal, Olaf Fase, Ton Dijkman, Lean Robbemont and “Sir” Pierre Courbois.
I have had a lot of TV Performances and also live Radio Performances on Radio Veronica.
I played several times with Shirma Rouse and with Slagerij van Kampen. I won 2 TV Prizes:
3rd place with RTL Superkids (on TV) and 1st place with Circus Gerschtanowitz.
I have also been invited to do some drumclinics. Whatever my drum student prefers: he/she can be sure of learning any style of music, technically as well as getting into the Groove.
We certainly will have lots of fun.

Hope to see You soon at Muziekcentrum Logblock, the best Music School in Amstelveen and its surroundings.

Regards Axel