Abel Tuinstra

As a child I learned to play classical music and jazz on the piano, but at the Amsterdam Conservatory I developed into a keyboard player in large and small pop, punk, avant-garde, garage, techno and groove bands. In addition to being on stage every week, I also play the guitar, compose / produce / sing my own songs and of course I teach at Logblock.

I strive to be an enthusiastic and fluent teacher, with a special fascination for creativity, applying music theory and “making your own” a piece. I introduce novice pianists to the instrument by teaching them their favorite songs “from the radio”. The great thing about pop music is that you can play every song in many difficult but also easier ways. If you want, I can also offer a classic basis, or a combination of styles. With advanced skiers I sometimes like to delve deeper into a specific topic. The most important thing is that you have fun and the second most important thing is that you continue to be challenged. What you need for that, I am happy to discover!

Hope to see You soon at Music School LogBlock, the best Music School in Amstelveen and its surroundings.

​Greetings Abel

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